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aka the one where Alex meets Murder...
71: Jason Addresses Notre Dame, Knox Addresses Tom BradyListen now (50 min) | What a time. Jason is back to deal with the fall out of Notre Dame losing to Marshall. Knox may be breaking up with Tom Brady AND…
The Survivor Season 43 PreviewListen now (26 min) | including the contestant most likely to be the drama
aka the one where I tell you what I've been up to
70: Early Overreactions and How To Trick Your ChildListen now (22 min) | Knox flies solo on this episode as he addresses listener over and under reactions from the Over Under Achievers substack…
69: 2022 NFL PredictionsListen now (24 min) | This is a sneak peek at the Ask Coach Knox show, a podcast that exists within his newsletter. After you listen, head over to…
aka the one where Alex makes a friend
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