Sitemap - 2021 - Over Under Achievers by Knox McCoy

40: QB Landing Spots, Knox's Tom Brady Experience, and CFP Predictions...

College Football Playoff Best Bets?

You've Got Questions; We've Got Answers(?)

"Alexa, How Do I Do A Birthday?"

39: Steph Curry, Kevin James as an NFL Coach, and Are the Bills Even Good Anymore?

Drop Your Buffs, Survivor 41.13: "The End"

Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge...

Housekeeping and Clarity

Your Thoughts, Questions, Concerns About Survivor 41 Season FINALE

Sectional Healing 12/15: Let's Make It Official

38: A Eulogy for Georgia

Drop Your Buffs, Survivor 41.12: "Truth Kamikazes and Cowboys"

Survivor Season 41, Episode 12: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

Sectional Healing 12/8: How To Christmas For Your Enneagram Five

Questions for our OUA Episode Tonight?

37: College Coaching Madness and Championship Weekend...

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of College Football: Week 13

36: College Head Coach Mania and an EXCITING announcement...

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of College Football: Week 12

35: NFL Panic Teams, Hawkeye Feelings, Small Sooner Horseys

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41.9: "Who Is Who In The Zoo?"

Survivor Season 41, Episode 9: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

Sectional Healing 11/17

34: Which Teams Should Hit the Panic Button and Sexiest Man Not Alive...

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41.8: "Heather Has Entered The Chat"

Survivor Season 41, Episode 8: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

Sectional Healing: 11/10

33: College Football Rankings, the Georgia Sports-issance, and Our Bad Betting Weekend...

Jets vs. Colts Best Bets…

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41.7: "500 Kajillion Times Better""

Survivor Season 41, Episode 7: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings


The One Where The Gang Had a Tough Weekend...

32: Jason Had a Bad Week and A Call For A Defensive Heisman

Green Bay at Arizona: Our Best Bet

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41.6: "Historic Power"

Survivor Season 41, Episode 6: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

What's Your Preference?

30: The LSU Coaching Situation, Are The Chiefs Done, and Knox Defends His Taste

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41.5: "A Left Behind Spare Tire"

Survivor Season 41, Episode 5: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

30: What We've Gotten Right and Wrong

Drop Your Buffs Survivor Season 41: Episode 3

Survivor Season 41, Episode 3: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

29: Replacement Roulette and We Pitch a MLM...

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41: Episode 2

Survivor Season 41, Episode 2: Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

28: Surrender Cobras, Are The Raiders For Real, and HUGE Andre 3 Stacks News...

Drop Your Buffs Survivor 41: Episode 1

Survivor 41: Episode 1 Questions, Thoughts, and Feelings

27: Overreactions, Underreactions, and the Next USC Head Coach...

Drop Your Buffs: Survivor 41 Preview

26: The NFL Returns and HOTTT College Takes...

Sectional Healing: 9/3

25: The Return of College Football

Sectional Healing: 8/27

24: NFL Rookie QBs and College Coaches Who Will Get Fired

23: Mailbag #2

22: Best NFL Coach/GM Duos, Ryan Reynolds, and the Big 10 Futures...

21: NBA Free Agency, Is August a Good Birthday Month, and AFC North Futures

20: The OU and Tex-odus, Manning Bros Do MNF, and The Jungle Cruise

19: Giannis, Dame Lillard Trades, and NIL Money Madness

18: Our Triumphant Return and a Confession

Sectional Healing 6/25: Home

Episode 17: NBA Playoffs, Loki, Nick Saban, and the AFC South

17: NBA Playoffs, Loki, and Nick Saban

Episode 16: The Unstoppable Nets, The OC Character Power Rankings, and Coach K...

16: The Unstoppable Nets, The OC Character Power Rankings, and Coach K...

15: NBA Playoffs and John Stamos as a Basketball Coach

14. Best SportsCenter Anchors, Tim Tebow, and NFL Bets

13: Aaron RodgersGate, Sports/Pop Culture Crossovers, and NFL Rookie Futures

12: Steph Curry, The Oscars, and Skinny WRs

11: Mailbag #1

10: The Masters, We Were Wrong About Baylor, and Aaron Rodgers Is Not A Good Host

9: Gonzaga, April Fools Jokes, 49ers' Draft Plans and MLB Futures

8: NCAA Tourney Preview and New England's Spending Spree

Our Bracket Challenge...

7. Dak's Deal, Big 10 Hoops, and Grammy Noms

Sectional Healing 3/11: This Is How The Monolith Dies...

The Over/Under Achiever Weekly

6. Space Jam, NFL Draft, and UFOs

Episode #5: NCAA Blue Bloods and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

5. NCAA Blue Bloods and The Mighty Ducks

Episode 4: NFL Commercial Stars and Mortal Kombat...

4. NFL Commercial Stars and Mortal Kombat

Sectional Healing: My New (Sports) Podcast

Episode #3: Best NFL Logos and Quarterback Carousel...

3. Best NFL Logos and Quarterback Carousel

Over/Under Achievers Update...

Episode #2: The Super Bowl

2: The Super Bowl

The Over/Under Achievers #1

1: Deshaun Watson, Tennessee, and Aaron Rodgers

Sectional Healing 1/20: Tossing Out The Inexplicable

Sectional Healing 1/15/21: The Soul Review

Sectional Healing 1/6/21: Let's Do The Word Thing