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Drop Your Buffs 45-11: "Holding Hands In Front of God and Katurah"

Go To Bed Angry: Introduction

136: Ole Patty Mahomes Finally Lost It

Drop Your Buffs 45-11: "Contexts and Cardinal Sins"

135: CFP Committee vs. The World

134: Aaron Rodgers = Ribs in the Woods, Mark Cuban vs. Dude Perfect, and JLD is Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Drop Your Buffs 45-10: "Bruced Egos"

39: A Gift Guide That Can Go Straight To Hell

133: Dan Lanning vs Jim Harbaugh, Rebranding Josh Allen, and Was Ryan Day Skeered?

132: Knox Learns of Toto Wolff, Auburn is the Worst, Michigan is Guilty, and RedBox is Our New Sponsor?

Drop Your Buffs 45-8: "Rice Stabber"

131: Stephen A's Best Songs for Romance, Heisman Favorites, Young Sheldon, and Ear Couches

38: How To Buy Gifts For The Men In Your Life

130: Jimbo Fisher Has Money and Free Time, Jason Finally Gives Up, and Is James Franklin A Good Coach?

Drop Your Buffs 45-7: "Meat Shields"

129: NFL Coaches - Hot, Not or Tater Tot

37: The Fall Guy Trailer Vibe Check

128: Hell is Parents at Youth Sports, Christmas List SZN, and Tater Tot or Not?

Drop Your Buffs 45:6 - "Over Flipping The Burgers"

127: Coaches As Movie Deaths and What's Your Billboard Price?

36: Book #3 Cover Reveal and News

126: UGA is Back, NFL QBs are All Terrible, Economics and Inflation, and State Farm Becomes a Sponsor?

Drop Your Buffs 45:5 - "Competitive Pokemoning"

#125: QBs as Residences, Indoor Swim Parks, Home Depot Hotel, and Sam Hartman Facial Hair

125: NFL QBs as Residences, Sam Hartman's Stache, The Home Depot Hotel, and Lice & Laundry

124: "Dave" Consuelos, Wood on F1 Cars, Tattoo Bet, and We are Officially a Which Wich Podcast*

Drop Your Buffs Survivor Recap Sneak Peek

Drop Your Buffs 45:4 - "Is That A Flint In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Doing a Dad Joke?"

#35: Saturday Night Supernovas

123: Knox Continues to Gaslight Jason, Tyrod Taylor Over Daniel Jones, and OUA is ALL in on Olympic Flag Football

122: Jersey Number Debate, A Notre Dame/USC Line Drawn, Oklahoma and Brock Purdy Are Elite, and JAW Is Elite

Drop Your Buffs 45:3: "Napoleon Firecracker"

121: The High Road, Bagging Groceries, and F1 Corner??

Drop Your Buffs 45:2 "Water Boys and Big Toes"

120: "This Is Only A Test", RE-predicting NFL Divisions, and One Coach is the Buttest of Butt Coaches

Survivor 45, Episode 2 Thread

#34: Kevin Sorbo's Herculean Masculinity

119: Electrocution or Eaten by a Shark, Toy Story Funday Football, and the AFC South has the Best Rookie QBs

118: Its Dame Time in Milwaukee, Zach Wilson is Not Good, and Jason Believes in Love

Drop Your Buffs 45:1 "I Don't Need to Be Voted Out To Go Home"

Survivor 45 Premiere Thread

#33: Housekeeping

"What Gifts Should I Give The Men In My Life?"

"What Would Your Mutual Last Meal Be?"

"Which Of You Is Better At Stuff?"

"Which College Football Team Should I Root For?"

117: The Saddest Jason Ever, Justice for Vince Vaughn, and Michael Caine's Secret to Long Life

"What Would Be Your Last Meal?"

116: Early Panic Button Draft and a Survivor 45 Preview

#32: Prayers for Dogs and Tears for Beer

115: Mark-Paul Gosselaar is BACK, Coaches Gone Wild, and All the Joshs are Awesome

114: Texas Beats Bama, Riding the Bills, Take Mulligans, World Champions, and New Sound Effects

#31: Edgar Allan Poe Doesn't Have to Be Cool

113: Knox's Coaching Debut, Cowboys Destroy Giants, and Deion Sanders' Bodyguards' Formation

"Which of You Is Better At Stuff?"

112: Should You Believe in Aliens, the Chiefs, Chris Evans, or the SEC?

#30: Live Show Revelations

111: Clemson is dead to us, Colorado and Deion, Rocksteady and Bebop

110: Football in Theaters, The Killer, College Football Conference Winners, and Andre Provides Picks

109: RIP Bob Barker, Notre Dame, Noah Lyles and College Gameday picks Alabama

How To Decide Which College Football Team To Root For This Year

108: College Football Preview, Trey Lance, Expend4bles and a special message from Andre 3 $tacks

#29: SEC Coaches Vibe Check

107: Dak Prescott, Eagles, Jordan Love, and the Pencil Bat

106: James Harden, Messi in Miami, and Knight and Day

#28: Before 10 Years of Podcasting

105: Aaron Rodgers, Waterloo, Bills Hype, and does Knox have a type?

104: Creed vs. The Beatles, RIP Pac-12, and The Challenge USA

Yes, And #27: A Movie Pitch

#26: Try Love In A Small Town

103: Dead Reckoning and New NFL Uniform Hot Takes

Yes, And #25: Tom Cruise Go Fast

102: Is Wonka Bad? Is Burger King Good?

Yes, And #24: Rewatching Titanic

101: White House Coke and ESPN Layoffs

Yes, And #23

100: It's a Celebration

Yes, And #22

Yes, And #21

The Contrasting Brilliance of Steel Magnolias

Ursula Was Never The Villain

97: The Survivor Finale Recap

Yes, And #20: Classic Movie Dad-Lights To Watch With Your Kids This Summer

96: Five Below in Under 52 Minutes

Yes, And #19: What Is Your Signature Move?

Yes, And #15: A Photo-Essay of Our Trip to NYC

Yes, And #12: On the Importance of Saying Less

Yes, And #11: The Mummy Freaking 4 But As A Podcast?

Yes, And #10: Casimir Pulaski and The Paradoxes of Life

Yes, And #9: What to Read In March

"ask a dude / husband / dad" submission alert

Yes, And #8: The Michael Pena Theory of Everything

Yes, And #7: Things That Should and Should Not Be In The Sky

Yes, And #6: M. Night Shyamalan and The Value of Empathy

Yes, And #5: Who Should You Like In the Super Bowl?

Yes, And #4: How To Undistract Yourself...

Yes, And #3: How To Write To Your Future Self

OUA 83: Old memories, bad memories and Back to Back National Champs

Yes, And #2: 60 Books We'd Recommend Reading from 2022

OUA 82: CFP Semis Review and Natty Preview

81: 2023 Predictions

Yes, And #1: Meditations on Turning 40

New Year, New Us