Sitemap - 2023 - Over Under Achievers by Knox McCoy

#32: Prayers for Dogs and Tears for Beer

#31: Edgar Allan Poe Doesn't Have to Be Cool

"Which of You Is Better At Stuff?"

#30: Live Show Revelations

How To Decide Which College Football Team To Root For This Year

#29: SEC Coaches Vibe Check

#28: Before 10 Years of Podcasting

Yes, And #27: A Movie Pitch

#26: Try Love In A Small Town

Yes, And #25: Tom Cruise Go Fast

Yes, And #24: Rewatching Titanic

Yes, And #23

Yes, And #22

ADHD #2 - Gift Giving and Lawn Care

Yes, And #21

#99: Who Should Replace the Worthless Pat Sajak and a Freaky Friday Suggestion…

The Contrasting Brilliance of Steel Magnolias

OUA 98: Josh Allen or Joe Burrow

Ursula Was Never The Villain

OUA 97: The Survivor Finale Recap

Yes, And #20: Classic Movie Dad-Lights To Watch With Your Kids This Summer

OUA 96: 5 Below In Under 52 Minutes

Yes, And #19: What Is Your Signature Move?

OUA 95: Yao Ming vs.

OUA 94: NFL Draft War Room Interior Designers

OUA 93: Only Friends: Chefs

Yes, And #15: A Photo-Essay of Our Trip to NYC

OUA 92: Garth Brooks on Yellowstone

OUA 91: The Safe Word Is Keep Going

Yes, And #12: On the Importance of Saying Less

OUA 90: Squeal Team Six

Yes, And #11: The Mummy Freaking 4 But As A Podcast?

Yes, And #10: Casimir Pulaski and The Paradoxes of Life

OUA 89: Positive Gaslighting

Yes, And #9: What to Read In March

OUA 88: Survivor 44 Preview

"ask a dude / husband / dad" submission alert

Yes, And #8: The Michael Pena Theory of Everything

OUA 87: Super Bowl Recap, Air Trailer, Tetris Trailer

Yes, And #7: Things That Should and Should Not Be In The Sky

OUA 86: Super Bowl Preview and Grocery Shopping

Yes, And #6: M. Night Shyamalan and The Value of Empathy

Yes, And #5: Who Should You Like In the Super Bowl?

OUA 85: Pickleball, Aaron Rodgers is Back, and a new segment called Take-Out

Yes, And #4: How To Undistract Yourself...

OUA 84: NFL 'Yoffs, Streamers, Traffic Corner and we have a real sponsor!

Yes, And #3: How To Write To Your Future Self

OUA 83: Old memories, bad memories and Back to Back National Champs

Yes, And #2: 60 Books We'd Recommend Reading from 2022

OUA 82: CFP Semis Review and Natty Preview

81: 2023 Predictions

Yes, And #1: Meditations on Turning 40

New Year, New Us