Sitemap - 2022 - Over Under Achievers by Knox McCoy

80: Survivor 43 Finale Recap

Would You Want John Dutton As Your State Governor?

79: Survivor Recap, Coach Deion, and Hot Putin Takes…

Big 10 Football Programs as Characters from The OC

78: CFB Champ Weekend, Cocaine Bear, USMNT, Survivor Recap

Say It With Me: Cars Are Not Christmas Presents

77: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

76: Georgia is good, Jeff Saturday is an NFL head coach, Survivor Recap/Predictions

Initiating My Plant Father Phase

75: TN at GA, Survivor Recap/Predictions, and Andre is already in Athens

74: Disney Dads, A Plan For Human Sacrifice, and Sports Polyamory

Bring Me Back As a Professional Mascot

73: Tennessee's Ascent, Black Adam, and Tom Brady Needs to Chill...

The Famous Actors Obviously Quiet-Quitting Movies...

VIBE CHECK: Salad Dressings and Sexual Poltergeists

72: Survivor Thoughts, Bama vs UT, and an Intervention for Jason

I'm Probably Not Surviving A Nuclear War

Vibe Check: The Great British Baking Show

Vibe Check: Survivor Season 43

How Don't Worry Darling Explains Football

71: Jason Addresses Notre Dame, Knox Addresses Tom Brady

Revealing the Working Title and Topic for Book #3...

70: Early Overreactions and How To Trick Your Child

The Vibe Check: "Failures"

69: 2022 NFL Predictions

68: Knox's Apology, Target Self-Checkout, and Brian Kelly Vibez

67: The NOs of the SEC

The Vibe Check: My Favorite Books of August

66: Juggling, AFC & NFC North, Ads!

The Vibe Check: "Parental Baggage"

65: Decoldest NIL Deals, NFL Previews, and Fake Ads

Vibe Check: Hamilton (But For The Christians)

64: AFC & NFC East, NFL MVP and Psychedelics

63: SEC and the Gentleman Himself... Andre 3 $tacks

62: Cougars and Homework

The Addiction of Familiarity

Best Shows of The Year (So Far)

61: Big Ten... Love and Thunder

Best Books of the Year (So Far)

60: Movies You Have To Watch With A Hard Seltzer

We Got A Dog...

59: Donald, Denver, Drew, Draymond

Vibe Check: Obi-Wan Kenobi

58: Let's Fight The Paul Brothers

Drop Your Buffs - S42 E12 - "It Comes Down To This"

57: That Hot SEC Coach Goss

Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse of Suckitude

56: Tom Brady = TB12 $tacks

Sectional Healing 5/10: Welcome to Hell (aka the month of May)

55: The Perfect Sponsorship for Nikola Jokic

54: The NFL Draft Live Reactions

Sectional Healing 4/27: What’s Your Question?

53: Lucky-Charmed Kinda Life

52: Names Are Hard

Sectional Healing: Secrets of the Live Shows

51: Claw Machines and Canadian Geese

Survivor 42, Episode 3: Thoughts and Opinions

50: Brady is BACK! So is Mitch!

A Guide To Dealing With Your Tom Brady Frustrations

49: So Many QB Stories

SEC Coaches as Righteous Gemstones Characters...

48: Are we an Aaron Rodgers pod now?!

47: Super Bowl What Ifs and QB Shuffles

46: Rams vs Bengals - All The Angles

The Battle for Missouri?

45: Kyler Drama, NFL Coach Hires, and Bryan Harsin...

44: Conference Championship Weekend

Ask A Dude / Husband / Dad / Gambler

Sectional Healing 1/26: The Antichrist Index...

43: Halo Showdown on Divisional Weekend

42: Andre is a National Champion

Sectional Healing: But Like, Do We NEED Puppets on Twitter?

41: 2022 Predictions

Supporter Thread: What's Your Word?

Sectional Healing 1/5: Yellowstone Character Vibe Check Power Rankings